6 Steps to Inoculating your Kids Hearts and Minds

As Christian parents, our culture and especially our public schools are becoming increasingly hostile to our values and beliefs and our right to practice them. Here, Dr. Bill Maier gives practical, hands-on tools to protect your child’s heart and mind while strengthening them to live as lights in their own generation.

Parenting Strategy #1: Educate yourself about the risks.

Parenting Strategy #2: Provide your kids with love, limits and time.

Parenting Strategy #3: Clearly state your standards and be a positive role model.

Parenting Strategy #4: Make faith relevant in your home.

Parenting Strategy #6: PRAY PRAY PRAY … then PRAY some more!

For a detailed explanation of each of these dynamic parenting tools, listen to our interview with Dr. Bill Maier on our Bring It Up radio page, dated 10/8/17.