Ways to Say “I love you” to Your Husband…and Why!

Research tells us that home is the most important place for a man to be loved and affirmed.  If a man knows his wife loves and appreciates him, he is empowered to do better in every area of life … including his marriage!

If I want a more loving marriage, let it begin with me.  Let me observe him and know him well enough to know what says “I love you” best to him.  And then let me be willing enough and strong enough and courageous enough to love him unconditionally, just the way Jesus loves me.

Here’s a fun list of ways we can say I LOVE YOU to our man — ways that match the season of life we’re in, ways that won’t break the bank and budget, ways that will build a passionate, pleasing and permanent marriage!

  • Greet your husband at the door with a kiss when he arrives home from work..

  • Walk him to the car in the morning to kiss him good-bye. Bake his favorite dinner or dessert.

  • Have breakfast in bed with him.

  • Leave “love messages” in his car, his briefcase, his Bible, or I his underwear drawer.

  • Make coupon books good for back rubs, specials meals, sports events, etc.

  • Offer to wash his hair or give him a shave and facial.

  • Go to his sports events, root for him

  • Participate in sports or exercise together — walk, run, hike.

  • Compliment him often, especially in front of your children.

  • Wake him with a kiss.

  • Learn as much as you can about his work. Ask about it and be interested in it.

  • Allow him breathing room for hobbies, friends, sports.

  • Have a Hero dinner when he accomplishes one of his goals (sales, weight, exercise, finished project).

  • Put a note in his lunch expressing your admiration for how hard he works

  • Dress in an outfit he likes and plan a late dinner just for the two of you!

  • Every so often, out of the blue, give him a passionate kiss.

  • Have his favorite music on Pandora or your Alexa ap. Play it and dance in the kitchen together

  • Ask for his prayer requests and pray for him